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Marco Santucci is available to make a series of commissions. Book your original piece right now, writing to us with the contacts page and making your request. The prices may change depending on the type of request, situation and the currency ( in case of foreign conventions or clients). For example: if the commission is made in the studio or at a  convention, the size and  the complexity of the piece could change. Please, keep in mind the standard sizes below and the following guidelines:

1) If the piece is made in studio and we have to send it via mail you have to add the shipping cost to get the final price ( please, ask about it )
2) The size of the pieces are showed belowBigger format and full painted illustrations have higher prices ( depending always on the request).
3) No portraits , please!

The following examples are about the size and format for the commissions realized in studio. For the commissions realized during a convention, the size and format could undergo a variation.


Blank Covers



Commissions example



Doctor Strange Clea 01 Domino 02 retake Harley Quinn 02 NightGirl
Scarlet Spider 01 She Hulk 01 Spider Gwen Blank cover 01 Swamp Thing 01
Two Faces 01 Black cat Blank cover 01 Black Cat vs Spidey Blank cover Elektra 01
Omac 24x33 MB copia Swamp Thing Paint 11x17 01 copia Wonder Woman Cowgirl 24x33 copia Black Cat FF bkg 11x17
Cyborg Superman 01 Domino 11x17 FF copia Emma Frost 11x17 01 copia Doctor Strange 24x33 color copia
Green Aroow Black Canary 24x33