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Injustice 2 Annual #1 is out!
29 November 2017


Injustice 2 Annual #1 is out! Don't miss it!

Writers: Tom Taylor, K. Perkins, Brian Buccellato
Art Team: Marco Santucci, Jamal Campbell, David Yardin, J. Nanjan, Pop Mahn

Release Date: November 29, 2017

Cover Price: $4.99

“Paradise Lost.” Ever since the overthrow of Superman’s regime, Wonder Woman—his most trusted ally—has been held a prisoner on her native Themyscira. How did she come to this low point? What is it about the Wonder Woman of this world that made her so very different from any other incarnation and susceptible to Superman’s brutal, world- conquering vision? When was love lost and when did the greatest heart harden? The tragic story is told here.