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Thanks, StripFestival Breda!

14 October 2014

We are lucky guys: after the amazing NICE Comicon in England and the incredible Marly BD in France, we have to add a new one among the events to whom we attended: the wonderful Stripfestival Breda! I have to say a big thanks to Fons van Erp and Sytse Algera who invite us in Holland. We got an incredible treatment... Just like regal guests! To the collegues who will be invited in the next editions I say: go without dubt! You'll find so many nice people and collegues that you can't miss this event! Speaking of collegues I have to say thank you, first of all, to the big love of my life Maria Laura Sanapo, always full of vitality and so professional in every condition and situation. Without her I could not travel so much and in a so good way. Thanks to all the old and new friends we met: Romano Molenaar , Yildiray Cinar (thanks for the chatting, guys!), Fabio BonoGiulio Comics De Vita,Rafa Sandoval (always fun when we're near each other), Barry KitsonJaime Calderón Dibujante ( and Esther), my great master of comics Fabio Civitelli ) and many others ( sorry if I miss someone)! Thanks so much to all friend that pass from the stand ans always show so much interest for our works. Thanks so much to you all!

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