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Thanks, N.I.C.E. Comicon !

16 September 2014


THANKS, NICE COMICON: we had an incredible week-end thanks to this fantastic convention. First of all, I have to say thank to Jeff Chahal, the organizer, for his kindness, generosity and his ability in organizing everything. We had got one of the most pleasant experiences ever during this four days.Thanks so much to the old and new convention mates, among them Emanuela LupacchinoAlessandro Di SirioCarlos Pacheco ( big honor in meeting you and speaking about comics ), Desiree BressendEsad Ribic, the great Goran Parlov ( the next time I'll try to convince Maria Laura Sanapo to sing the Titanic theme for you  ), Guillermo Ortego ( and Sandra) it's always a big pleasure to be among you all. It has been a blast to meet my absolute favourite artist, Mr Alan Davis! Obvioulsy I have to say thank to the people that passed by my table renewing their appreciation in my works, you made my week-end, folk! And obviously I have to say thank to my love of the life Maria Laura, the most fantastic companion, colleague and girlfriend! THANK YOU ALL!

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