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12 November 2013


On November the 30th and December the 1st, Marco will be attending Malta Comicon, in the beautyful St James Cavalier ( La Valletta). At Marco's booth you'll find some of his original art. Being impossible bring everything, if you are interested to a specific piece, please write us using the contacts page and we'll bring that specific piece for you. If you are interested to commissions, you can book them from now!

Below, you can see some examples of commissions made for other conventions.

Esempi di commissioni / Commissions examples / Exemples de commissions

Black Cat 03 Black Canary 01 Black cat Blank cover 01 Doctor Strange Clea 01
Black Cat vs Spidey Black Widow Blank cover 01 She Hulk 01 Domino 02 retake
Swamp Thing 01 Two Faces 01 Harley Quinn 01 Captain Marvel 01